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An Unforgettable Experience

Although its unique to what you need, here are a few things you can count on from us during your service:

A Clean Environment

Color projects may get crazy!

A Haircut may be a full transformation with a lot coming off and hair can get everywhere

We work together to ensure a clean environment for you: Our tools, Stations, and Gowns are cleaned and sanitized after each guest.

The Focus is on You!

From the Essential Oils in the diffuser and hot towels to the music playing; how you feel, your comfort, and vibe is our number one priority.

Each service begins with a thorough consultation, there are many questions yes! but our intentions is to ensure you leave with all your hair dreams come true or realistic expectations.

Come Ready to Melt the Stress Away!

We aren't kidding, the Shampoo Experience could be its own service!

Vigorous washes followed by an ultra relaxing scalp massage, that will transport you into a different dimension (and yes you can fall asleep, no judgement Queen), you are then bundled into a steaming hot towel with the essential oil of your choice enveloping you as your hand massage begins.

** And say "yes absolutely!" when asked about the Rose Quartz eye treatment and hand scrub... its so worth it and you deserve it!


The rose omits one of the highest energy vibrations of all objects on earth. So it makes sense that when we surround ourselves with roses, utilize rose oil, and place them near or on our body, they can actually help to raise our energetic vibration!

We use rose multiple times throughout: rose water in our products, rose´ foils, rose quartz eye masks. Everywhere! To help bring your energy up and you leave feeling so much better than when you entered and ready to conquer.

The Danish Way

We are Eco Stylist and are a Natulique Certified Salon. Natulique is from Denmark; they are organic, natural, vegan and follow some of the strictest eco certified guidelines to provide you with optimal results. Our aerosols (hairsprays, dry shampoos, and shine spray) have zero impact on the environment by utilizing BioMass.


We have the hearts of servants, with the mind of Einstein when it comes to hair, and the professional experience to create anything you want.

We are a chose team, we chose each other, we have the same vision to create love and hair magic every day.

We help each other out both physically in the moment with a color service or technique as well as we help each other elevate our craft and provide a shoulder to lean on when needed.

It's NEVER "Just Hair"

  • We do not work to pump out 100 clients a day.

  • The service we provide is precise to your needs.

  • We approach you and hair from a holistic view.

  • We are here to provide you with a safe space to feel validated, serene, sexy, beautiful, appreciated and any other feeling we can provide.

I can't wait to see you soon!

XoXo-- TeamOSA

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